This project aims to be the leading center in the world for research, policy, and public education, on the connections between race, ethnicity, gender and science, technology, and medicine with respect to peoples of African descent worldwide by:

-       Producing rigorous analyses addressing solutions to the persistent under-representation of racial/ethnic peoples in STEM (science technology, engineering and mathematics) fields with a specific goal to raise the visibility of women of color in these fields;

-       Expanding expert and public discussion about the use of racial/ethnic categories in genetics, genomics in studies of disease, making of new pharmaceuticals, and studies of human origins in the U.S., Africa, and Latin America;

-       Facilitating transdisciplinary scholarship on science, technology and medicine with African-American Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, and other disciplines within the academy through workshops, conferences and intellectual leadership;

-       Advancing theoretically sophisticated historical scholarship on race/ethnicity and gender in science, medicine, and technology through summer research workshops for scholars, and students;

-       Providing undergraduate and graduate research opportunities via participation in RGSM projects;

-       Producing greater public understanding of the increasingly complex relationship between concepts of “race” in science, technology, medicine and society through the development of public education and social media projects that promote productive dialogues among and between biomedical researchers, engineers, humanists, social scientists and the public.