Meyerhoff Scholars Program

In 1988,The Meyerhoff Scholarship Program was founded at the University of Maryland Baltimore County /(UMBC) with generous support from Robert and Jane Meyerhoff to provide financial assistance, mentoring, advising, and research experience to African American male undergraduate students committed to obtaining Ph.D. degrees in math, science, and engineering. By 1990, women were admitted to the progam. In 2014, (UMBC), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Pennsylvania State University, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill embark on a 5-year collaboration known as the Meyerhoff Adaptation Project. The Meyerhoff Scholars Program is open to all high-achieving high school seniors who have an interest in pursuing doctoral study in the sciences or engineering, and who are interested in the advancement of minorities in the sciences and related fields. Students must be nominated for the program and are most typically nominated by their high school administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers. For more information, visit